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  1. Dear Eva and family…

    Our thoughts are with you in this difficult time. And we join you in mourning the loss of Bob.

    It has been an exceptional experience to read the many wonderful comments about Bob, his life and the amazing impact he had on so many people. His political and personal impact stretched across our lives.

    Bob was one of the first people I ever met when I moved to Vancouver in 1975. I was one of those lucky folks who lived at “636” with Bob (for a short while) and others. It was a fun and memorable introduction to Vancouver – its people and its politics. In subsequent years Bill (Grant) and I would see Bob often – with Eva at the film festival… at Bill and Terry’s for many of the wonderful dinners there. Bob on his bicycle enjoying the freedom of his recent retirement. Bob singing with his big and memorable voice. Bob – who always had a hug and a big smile for everyone and who carried his politics with him everywhere, quietly but passionately.

    We will miss Bob very much. But it is some comfort to know he was loved and respected by so many and that he left a large and heartfelt footprint on our lives.

    Barbara Cameron and Bill Grant.

  2. Dear Family of Bob, I just found out about Bob’s passing this morning!. We were having a breakfast with High School people and someone passed the information along to me…I am soooo sad, our families were in a club, (Stan will remember) wayyy back in the 60’s. We all got together often and were either in Palm Springs or some other fun place. I was telling a friend this morning that we (us kids) rode in a truck to a Ghost town one weekend. The parents were in cars? and the kids all in one big truck. I guess it was a bumpy road and guess who got sick all over Bob. He was so sweet, he just said, “it’s ok, and got me water as soon as we got there. Bob came to our 40th? class reunion and played his music for us. It was a joy to see him play. I have no words to say how very sorry I am Eva. I think I met you once?
    Please let Stanley know I send my best as well
    Sending a past due hug, Gayle Swetow

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